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Friday, December 7, 2007

Q.6 About animal's intelligence.

How should a person's intelligence be tested?

According to this article Gorilla like Koko, it's abviously their intelligence is higher than any other animals. Considering animals, each animals have a way to comunicate to another animals. I think Koko or another animals such as Gorilla or monkeys they have a kind of similarity to human. If their capacity which brain work comes up same way as human, they can be more intelligence and we can comunicate more in the future. Also I think there are something instinctive felling between Gorilla and human, that's way we can make an understanding.

We live our life, it makes not only intelligence. We come through experience, leaning, our emotion, culture and environment.
Intelligence test is just one of tests. You never measure the person by one pease of sheat. When you want to find out the person, you should know him/ her. and everything their bath, habit, their character.

Thank you for reading.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Conversation with a Gorilla

In Paragraph 6,
Koko chose what she wanted. It was very glad to have read this for me.It is so nice if someone get what he wants. God gives the thing which the human wants. But what kind of choice do we do, how get that, how express what we want and how control own.Intelligence is important in every parts .Even for sports, intelligence is important. I have to look for a kind of intelligence. So I am going to study English too.Fuyoko

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Marriage is negotiation

My parent's marriage was traditional marriage. Elder and youngest brother's marriages are traditional one too. But I think that second brother's marriage is negotiating. They lived separately, but they talk by cell-phone or other methods and some time they return their home. They joint their conferences each other even in other countries.
GC2 F.Sasao

Friday, November 16, 2007

Case for negotiating marriage

According to this article, I think this progressive idea of marriage will become popular.
Because nowadays, many couples has jobs, they're individual and independent on a social status as well. And for a women, they likely to continue their work after got marriage.
So, negotiation is necessary.

For this case negotiation is not just like getting an advantage for themselves, it is a way to have a communication and let to know both side about situation. Person who work, him/her environment is not always same and sometimes it is tiring. Important things is how much he/ she can care about partner and work together.

Being as a family is great, there is difficult to balance between work and home sometimes, but it will give more delight for you.

Thank you for reading.
kae GC2/ C15

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Language is...

Language is like a tool which can improve people's personal relationships. At the beginning, the relationship between the writer and her mother was not bad. They loved each other, but they didn't know how to express themselves. Because the languages they used were totally different. It's just like there's a wall between them. Both of them knew there's love came from the other side behind the wall. But they only felt it faintly, because they couldn't see it clearly.
After the daughter decided to learn Chinese, it's like she found an axe, and started to break the wall in order to see her mother, and get her mother's love in person. Of course, in the end, she succeeded. She broke the wall, got her mother and felt her love directly. The relationship had become closer since they could communicate better.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

No.6 An emotional wrench from a book

No.6 An emotional wrench from a book
I had read a book of Dr. Hideo Noguchi who was Japanese researcher of Yellow Fever and microbial decease. In Ghana of Africa, he had to die from Yellow Fever which he had studied. Last scene were long sea shore, big sun set and hot wind. He might think lonely and disappointment.F. Sasao

Do you think the relationship between the writer and her mother was close?

Q9. Do you think the relationship between the writer and her mother was close? Can language interfere with people's personal relationships? Have you ever had an experience in which this occurred?

In this story, I think writer and her mother's relationship was close. because both of them are trying to work out to make understand each other, wrote a letter, cared each other, and I can see there is a love between them as mother and daughter / as a friendship, even though they grew up different country, culture, language.
their connection is deep.

I have gone through many experiences like this occurrence who speak not my language. Language can interfere with people's relationship. But I want to believe that people can overcome this border. if both of them want to know each other, and tried to face him/her, There are anything cannot obstruct between them.

I have a friend whose language is English, and who live in overseas. I have many experience with her, we went many places, laughed a lot, shared thought, fight, cried and laughed. Being with her, I can not say I understand every word what she meant, but I can be relax and enjoy being with her. so language is just one tool to know each other,
It is important, but without words, you can feel; happiness, anger, sadness, so if you never turn away, and face to him/her. I believe that there are no interfere.

Thanks for reading. it's a bid long. please consider by(?) second line.